Search and Rescue Radio Comms

Radio Communications are vital for safe co-ordination of Search and Rescue teams over distances, a fact that has been recognised for many years.

Until recently, the equipment has varied depending upon the level of funding available to the group involved, it may have been ex-Military, or from Police sources, or from the civil Private Mobile market including Citizens Band.

This led to a piecemeal approach with larger organisations having a national network, others just making do in their local area.


Secure Digital Networks - Sarcommnet

With the advent of the Airwaves Tetra system, security and coverage improved, but restrictions on the users allowed to use the system, and the need to keep the terminals in secure locations made it unworkable for none 'Blue light' services.

Sarcomm are providing a cost effective secure national digital VHF network (Sarcommnet) this is based on proven Motorola technology, and is available to all levels of responders.

This growing network of linked repeaters have built in resilience, and allows interoperability between units, 4x4 responder teams, and other user groups.

The Sarcomm Solution 

Sarcomm offer a bespoke system to suit the individual clients needs within their locally assigned area of responsibility, with the added benefit of linking to other user groups via the wider network allowing interoprabillity with other agencies in scenarios where a greater mutual support response is required due to the size or difficulty of an incident.

Current clients include Search and Rescue teams, Fast Water teams, and Dog teams.

Sarcomm is run on a not for profit basis.

Contact Sarcomm for our network details or to check for coverage in your area.